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A museum with a large collection of exhibits related with the live of Ziemia Sokołowska inhabitants) Owner: Marian Pietrzak

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Evidence of local history

It is worth visiting this interesting place, that is, the museum – a heritage park in Sokołów Podlaski. It is impossible not to notice it – the windmill installed on the property is visible from the street. If we enter this building established on private initiative, we will meet an extraordinary man – Mr. Marian Pietrzak who is devoted and very passionate about his mission. As a local patriot, he decided to preserve the identity of his town with objects he is continuously collecting. Furthermore, he has written several books about the history of Sokołów Podlaski. Among others: “Sokołów Podlaski w latach 1939 – 1944. Pamiętnik z czasów okupacji”, “Sokołów Podlaski dawniej i dziś”, “Cmentarze Ziemi Sokołowskiej, duchy i sny”, “Dwory, folwarki, pałace zachodniego Podlasia”, “Jaćwingowie”, “Wiersze Ziemi Podlaskiej”.

The heritage park in Ziemia Sokołowska was established in 1999. Its initiator hoped that it would be a beginning of a municipal museum that Sokołów Podlaski did not have. Mr. Marian believes that each place should have a similar establishment to teach local history to new generations. He himself wanted to present it to the fullest through the agency of his collection.

After entering the gates of the museum we are greeted with smiling stone ladies – works made by the owner himself. The further we go, the more collected items we see. In the yard we meet a dummy with a churn and a small bee-garden made of several hives. Under the roof there is a small exhibition showcasing agricultural and blacksmith’s devices as well as accessories related with transport. There are also quern-stones and cast-iron pots used for cooking on open hearth or old-time bottles for drinks. In the one-storey building there are military items, Judaica, archaeological, history and ethnographical items. We can also see old books and press as well as souvenirs of owner’s grandparents and parents: clothes, trinkets, and personal properties.

All collected exhibits were classified by the author of this place for whom they constitute evidence of local history. As far as these items are concerned, Mr. Marian is a treasure trove – he knows the past of each item, its purpose and from whom they were obtained. There is no mystery item here, about which there is no information.

Some souvenirs are marked with a certificate; however, a full commentary can be only heard from Mr. Marian. Mr. Pietrzak has not yet seen a museum established in his town. Since he did not want his property to be ruined; in 2014, he decided to sell a half of the collection to Muzeum Ziem Nadbużańskich, in Sterdyń (museum with a large collection of exhibits related with the live of Ziemie Nadbużańskie inhabitants). However, he continues his mission to preserve another items that might seem to have little value, but, with time, they will acquire historical meaning. This is what you can learn in this place – a meeting with Mr. Marian is a lesson in noticing various content provided by things. The museum is visited by students of Sokołów schools as well as visitors from outside of the town and sometimes – foreigners. They write in the guest book and leave a well secured mark.

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Muzeum–Skansen Ziemi Sokołowskiej
ul. Lipowa 64, 08-300 Sokołów Podlaski
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(25) 781 24 66
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Opening hours: every day, at 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. or after an appointment made by phone.

Admission: free; groups – PLN 1 for museum.