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Adam Murach

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Moulded from Kurpie clay

He is a self-educated artist who mastered his skills to perfection, although he got interested in pottery art as an adult man. What is even more interesting, at present, Adam Murach from Płoszyce is actually an only potter in the region (once there were many of them in the Kurpie region, though), moreover, a real Kurp, a man of flesh and blood, moulded from Kurpie clay. Therefore, he is driven by incredible passion and love for what he makes.

At the beginning, he moulded birds, whistles and bells without the use of mechanical equipment. It was not enough. Thus, he self-built a pottery wheel and a pine wood-fired pottery oven. He gets clay on his own. At the beginning, he intended to attract interest of guests staying at an agrotourist farm run together with his wife, but he got into it so much that, at present, pottery has become his main job.

A lot of his designs includes modern ceramics made out of inspiration by other or these which are born in his artistic soul. Adam Murach throws bowls, jars, double bowls, vases, bottles, mugs, fancy cans and whistles. He moulds skilfully and accurately, giving meticulous finishing touches to his vessels. As he is not from a family with pottery traditions, he tries to allude to local traditions more in the form than in adornment.

Adam Murach has not gained knowledge and skills only for himself. He endeavours to preserve the isolated field of folk art in the Kurpie region. The culture values he passes on to younger generation, running, i.a., workshops in kindergartens and schools in Ostrołęcki District. He does even more, teaching during classes in special school and childcare centres. He organizes also pottery workshops at his agrotourist farm. Each participant receives after firing a work he made as a souvenir. His lessons enjoy a remarkably great interest among students. In his portfolio, Adam has hundreds of thanks from schools and folk art fairs organisers.

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Płoszyce, 07-402 Lelis
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694 042 891
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Pottery shows and workshops for individual guests and organized groups at an own agrotourist farm and elsewhere.