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Adam Szczepanik

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Art without hints

He carves scenes picturing the village life, historical characters, saints, animals and, in particular, birds. His meticulous and refined creations are very often made spontaneously, for example the shrine next to the road was made by Mr Adam Szczepanik on the day when Cardinal Wojtyła became a Pope.

His father, Ludwik Szczepanik, who carved primitive stone figurines, had a great influence on Adam’s creativity. I decided to improve his work, make something more pleasant to the eye – says Adam. In this creative tandem, each of them was sculpting ‘his way’ and ‘his own characters’. Their first joint exhibition, presenting creations carved in wood and stone, was held in 1972 in the House of Culture in Garwolin . he was then recognised and honoured in the competition organised by Cepelia. This was the moment when Adam’s adventure with art has began.

He treats his creations extremely honestly. One should not consider positive only those things that are currently considered fashionable or primitive and referring to the tradition in an artificial manner. In my opinion, a true folk is what the artist considers best in his consciousness, what he can create himself without being prompted by those that live away from his life– claims Adam.

The materials he uses in his work re wood, white stone (sandstone excavated from Wisła river) and cement. In addition to the products that he sells at, for example, folk fairs, the artist also creates some unique sculptures made to special order.

Another area of Adam’s work is making pastoral instruments such as ligawka and trąbit (wind-instruments).

His sculptures can be found in museums in Warszawa, Kraków, Płock and Vatican; as well as in private galleries in Poland, France, USA, Germany and Sweden. The Museum of Folk Art [Muzeum Sztuki Ludowej] in Otrębusy has gathered quite a large collection of them.

Adam has been a member of the Association of Folk Artists [Stowarzyszenie Twórców Ludowych] since 1989. Over the years he has participated in numerous regional and national competitions. He has won many of them; and following numerous distinctions, he has received the most important one – the Oskar Kolberg’s award for his contribution to the folk art.

Adam Szczepanik also runs sculpture, drawing and painting workshops for children. He cordially invites all those interested in his work.

He kindly asks the visitors to notify him by phone about the planned visit.

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