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Czesława Konopkówna Memorial Chamber

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The memory of an exceptional “aunt”

The Czesława Konopkówna Memorial Chamber exists because of her nephew, Tadeusz Konopka and his wife, Stanisława. It was them who decided to create the place, which serves as a kind of a biographical museum, dedicated to this most famous artist from the Kurpie region. The Konopka family inherited her legacy in both the mental and material sense, by getting the “aunt’s souvenirs”. They could not squander that heritage. Everything they present and the way they do it gives the Chamber an unparalleled character.

Czesława Konopkówna was born in the nearby Tatary to the family of folk artists. After the war she was employed in the “Kurpianka” Folk Crafts and Artistic Handicrafts Cooperative, where she was responsible for artistic supervision. Winning the first place in the regional interiors competition opened a way for her to promote the art of the Kurpie region in the world. The competition was organised in 1949 in Kadzidło. The government of the People’s Republic of Poland started to ask Czesława Konopkówna to promote Poland through her folk art in countries such as Switzerland and Japan. Without any doubt, she was a very talented and fully focused on – as we would call it today – promotional activities. On her initiative, the Izba Kurpiowska was established where Zagroda Kurpiowska stands nowadays.

After her death in 1993, Stanisława and Tadeusz Konopka decided to build a chamber dedicated to her legacy, so that the memory of this most famous Kurpian would never fade. They collected all souvenirs: her traditional costume, which she wore, woollen headscarves, all the medals and distinctions she’d won, all the awards (including Oskar Kolberg Award), photographs, numerous diplomas, as well as lots of magazines, articles in scientific and popular press, folders and books with mentions of Czesława Konopkówna. The biggest room of the Chamber was filled with all those souvenirs.

The other room recreates the interior of a traditional Kurpian chamber, such as the one Czesława Konopkówna lived in, when she lived in her family home – with a holy corner, a bed covered with a traditional carpet (the so-called half-carpet) and pillows, as well as kierec decorations and a dish shelf with ceremonial bread (byśki). It was all done with the greatest attention to detail.

Stanisława and Tadeusz Konopka are also folk artists – she is a cut-out artist, who creates the traditional Kurpian flowers and kierec decorationswhile Tadeusz is a renowned amber worker, who also weaves chair seats from straw. Together they also make candles – including blessed candles and the so-called St Blaise candles, which are blessed in the church on the 3rd of February every year and are said to prevent throat illnesses – by kneading wax.

In the chamber, there is also a memorial book, and the entries in it confirm that it is visited by people from all over the world. It is also worthwhile to listen to the stories of the Konopka family, who welcome all the guests in the traditional Kurpian attire. The visit to the Czesława Konopkówna Memorial Chamber is always an exceptional experience.

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Izba Pamięci Czesławy Konopkówny
ul. Batalionów Chłopskich 10, 07-420 Kadzidło
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Stanisława i Tadeusz Konopkowie

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Tuesday – Friday: open from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM or by prior telephone appointment.