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Czesława Marchewka

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The colourful world of Czesława Marchewka

She says that “all this is a bit time-consuming”, but she does not look at a watch, as she wants to perform her works as accurately as possible. Czesława Marchewka’s works are made with great care and the sense of colours and the “hedgehogs” folded by her are inimitable. Czesława comes from the village of Tatary. She inherited artistic skills from her family home. She has worked as a weaver in the “Kurpianka” Folk and Artistic Handicraft Cooperative since she was 19 years old. At the same time, she would work in different creative fields (stars, leluje (Kurpie cut-outs), birds), Christmas tree and flower decorations, Easter palms and kierce (“chandeliers” made with peas or beans). The activity in the “Kurpianka-Cepelia” Regional Ensemble was an important stage in her artistic life. She was regarded as one of the best dancers and she could impress people with her talent during numerous performances at reviews, festivals and contests.

To meet this outstanding artist and buy her works, all you have to do is come for Kadzidło Sunday to Kadzidło or Kurpie Honey Harvest to Wykrot near Myszyniec. She takes an active part running workshops in schools and common rooms. Until now, she has been participating in numerous meetings organized, i.a., at the Museum of Kurpie Culture in Ostrołęka. She participates in regional and nationwide contests and folk art exhibitions. She is closely connected with Cepelia (Polish Art And Handicraft Foundation), which she participates with in art fairs. For many years of her artistic work she has received a lot of awards for cut-outs, kierce, flowers and palms.

Czesława frequently represented Poland at the International Folk Art Fairs in Turkey, Belgium, Germany and England. She visited the Netherlands, Sweden and Turkey. She was, i.a., a laureate of the Oskar Kolberg Award in 2000. For her whole creative works she was also awarded the Pro Masovia Commemorative Medal and the Badge of Honour for Merit to Polish Culture.

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