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Feast of Folk Storytellers, Poets and Singers

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The Zwoleń meetings of singers, poets and storytellers are unique primarily because of their form of a joint feast. Nowhere else in Poland we will see a similar cultural event, during which ensembles and soloists present their works in a casual atmosphere, with shared tables filled with traditional local dishes, often prepared by the participants themselves. Feast of Folk Storytellers, Poets and Singers in Zwoleń is the oldest event bringing together the artists of the Radom area. As the spiritual patron, they have chosen the poet Jan Kochanowski. And it is no accident.

For more than thirty years, outstanding folk artists have been meeting in Zwoleń to present stories, songs, poems and folk songs that they themselves prepared. This unique event is organized by the Zwoleń Cultural Centre, and is held every year in October. Initially, feasts were organized in several cities of the then Radom Voivodship, but it was in Zwoleń that an idea appeared to create a trans-regional event. Situated in a picturesque area of the Kozienicka Wilderness, Zwoleń is historically associated with Jan Kochanowski. That is why the organizers of the October feast directly refer to the achievements and the spiritual patronage of one of the fathers of Polish literature.

During the Feast itself, the presentations are evaluated in four categories: singers, storytellers, poets and children. The prestige and uniqueness of the Feast encourage the most outstanding folk artists to participate in it. The main criteria for the selection of winners are: the unique repertoire, the artist’s own creativity, original dialect, a unique technique of singing and of course – adherence to tradition.

From the very beginning, Zwoleń meetings have been accompanied by a variety of additional events; in particular, exhibitions and presentations of folk art, as well as photo and art contests for children and young people from the region of Radom. During the Zwoleń artistic feast you can feed not only the soul; there is also food for the body in the form of regional delicacies. You can try, among others, pierogi dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, cabbage with peas, bread with lard and pickled cucumbers, pork knuckles, baked pork loin with vegetables, or delicious cakes. An inherent part of the Feasts are special performances and concerts by renowned, almost legendary artists and regional bands. The performers have the opportunity not only to see each other’s performances, but also to learn about the current repertoire, and above all, to exchange experiences and spend time pleasantly and creatively in a great atmosphere.

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