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Halina Witkowska

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She sets the standard

Ms Halina is a one-person band. She makes handicrafts connected with the culture of KurpieI do what I can, and If I can’t I try at least, she says. Her “repertoire” includes Easter eggs, Easter palms, pająki. Embroidery is her least favourite – I’m too quick for this, she talks about her preferences for other handicrafts. Another of her assets include culinary products. Ms Halina Witkowska, a technician of collective nutrition by education, believes that, in general, you cannot compare all culinary novelties with old recipes, the use of which guarantees the best taste of dishes. She knows how to make fine mirabelle or blueberry liqueur. Thanks to her efforts, fafernuchy (traditional pastry with a slight pepper flavour from the Kurpie region) has been listed as one of the traditional products of the Mazowieckie voivodeship.

Ms Halina took up handicraft, baking and cooking in her younger years because she had to. – You used to have to do everything. Your mum told you and you had to do it. We would put crepe-paper flowers on our grandma’s grave. Before we took them, we had had to cover them in wax so they would stay longer, she recalls. In time, all these activities have become a great pleasure for her.

She has also engaged in social activities – she is the originator and – since 2005 – the president of the “Puszcza Biała – Moja Mała Ojczyzna” Association running the Kuźnia Kurpiowska in nearby Pniewo.

She promotes her region by taking part in numerous events, shows, festivals and fairs in the country and abroad. She prepares and conducts art workshops for children, teenagers and adults, mainly on folk plastic arts of Easter. She is a multiple winner of regional and national competitions. She is also a member of the Association of Folk Artists.

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