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Kampinoska Cottage

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Cottage welcomes everyone

In such a serene place, among friendly people, everyone feels comfortable.

Visitors, frequenting this farmstead and participating in the events give in to its atmosphere which encourages the memories from our childhood spent in the countryside or while visiting our family. Experience which is extremely precious and often moving.

Chata Kampinoska is a part of a small Open-Air Museum of Forest Building (Skansen Budownictwa Puszczańskiego) situated on the verge of Kampinos Wilderness (Puszcza Kampinoska). It was moved to the present location from the village Granica in 1985. It was the first translocated object of the Ethnographic Park plan within the Kampinos National Park. It was supposed to serve as a supply base, therefore it was situated outside the exhibition area.

The plans to create the ethnographic park ended up as merely 3 farmsteads. A cottage together with a barn form the so-called zagroda biedniacka. The house is an authentic cottage of Tomasz Połeć from 1911. It was built from the lumber used in an older and bigger residential building. The thatched roof and whitewashed log frame walls make the cottage stand out among other the skansen buildings. The farmstead is surrounded by the old board fence, in the yard a crane is bending down to the well and in summer the small garden is blooming with mallows and cornflowers.

In 2007 Kampinos National Park handed the object over to the association called Stowarzyszenie „Towarzystwo Kampinoskie” – a local extremely dynamic group. And thus the cottage began to revive. Members of the Association decided to take care of the interior equipment. All necessary objects were acquired from the local residents, who were extremely happy to hear that the care of the structure was in the hands of the Association. The list of gifts and the names of the benefactors were placed in the golden Book („Złota księga”). Thanks to the local community support the cottage gained all the equipmentwhich could be fund in such an old hut: furniture, dishes and kitchen utensils, cloths, clothes, equipment necessary to produce everyday objects, such as e.g. a spinning wheel, a slightly newer sewing machine and a cot. The interior looks inhabited – in the cot tere is a „baby” – a doll, the books are left in different places. The caretakers hang up the herbs, put flowers on the bench and in the windows, put some preservesn on the window sills and leave nuts to dry – all this to make the place look as true and authentic as possible.

Members of the Association do not lack energy. People are attracted to join the unique social initiative focused on the cottage. The most significant events organized by the Association are, e.g.: Search for the fern flower, Ditrict Festiwal of Folk Art. (Powiatowy Przegląd Twórczości Ludowej), Forest Beekeeper’s and Beekeeper’s Day (Dzień bartnika i pszczelarza), Partisan and insurrectionist’s songs singing, theme workshops or finally district show of harvest wreaths. The last event is usually accompanied by a music band, and everyone, both residents and visitors, are invited to try bread with lard and yeast cakes (drożdżówki).

Didactic classes are also organized, e.g. in baking bread,making flowers and kampinos palms. The cottage well serves both the educational and promotional goals,proving that it was worth handing it over to the group of local leaders.

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Chata Kampinoska
Granica, 05-085 Kampinos
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691 963 612
668 422 514
Dodatkowe informacje

The cottage may be rented for groups of visitors at any time.

Visiting from 1st May through September, Saturdays and Sundays 2.00 – 4.00 p.m., Mondays to Fridays – by telephone arrangement.

Fee: free entry.