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Magdalena Papakul

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A master’s textile workshop

In Magdalena Papakul’s family there are now four generations of weavers – her mother, Irena Skorupska, three sisters, four daughters and a granddaughter. For Mrs. Papakul, weaving is both passion and occupation. She is very committed to what she does. Her studio is not far away from her home.

Magdalena Papakul received her first tutorials in weaving from her mother; they make similar covers and rugs until the day. She also learned from other weaving masters. She also draws her inspiration from Podlasie weaving ornaments called perebors, made by the masters in this field. She exchanges experiences with other specialists. There are few of them left in this profession. They all know each other well, support and advise each other. They meet frequently, e.g. at post-contest exhibitions, and then they can’t have enough of conversations, as is usually with women.

Nowadays, Magdalena Papakul weaved on order, or for her own needs. Orders are very diverse: from a mattress canvas for a museum, to fabric for regional outfits, to krajka strips and fabrics to restore medieval clothing for the reconstruction groups, to fabrics ordered by one of Polish fashion designers.

Mrs. Pakul admits that no one needs such old fashioned fabrics any more, and one needs to broaden the scope of your skills. She uses a loom from Sweden, but also has two old narrow looms from Podlasie. Her work is truly professional. Most often, she uses four heddles (in this way, you can create more than 400 designs!), but may use more of them. She can also set the loom ready and it is in this difficult skill that she holds workshops for beginners of the art of weaving.

She frequents folk art fairs in Hola, and is always very keen to return to Białystok for the Folk Sculpture, Smithery and Fabric Fair, organised by the Podlaskie Museum in Białystok. She attends regional events less often, but holds weaving demonstrations combined with local events in smaller towns, as well as in the schools of her hometown Mordy. She works with District Museum in Siedlce. Is an outstanding instructor; she was repeatedly awarded for her work, e.g. for the artistic value of her works, or adherence to traditional designs and materials of the region. Since 2011, Magdalena Papakul is a member of the Association of Folk Artists.

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