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Miller’s homestead in Drewnowo-Ziemaki

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…And like in the past, the swooshing of blades can be heard.

Not long ago, the historic windmill was restored to its fully operational state, equipped with new blades and a shaft, which allows turning it to the direction of the wind and turning the blades themselves it became even more special. Along with the house standing nearby it makes for a small, but very interesting exhibition called the Miller’s Homestead.

Several decades ago, the two-story tall post mill (the oldest and most primitive type of European windmill) with a shingle roof, was still used for grinding grain, supplied by local farmers, into flour. It was built in the mid-19th century. Before World War I it was moved to its current location, where it was used by the inhabitants of neighbouring villages until the early 1950s. In May 1976 it was bought along with the lot by the Krzysztof Kluk Museum of Agriculture in Ciechanowiec. The goal of the investment was to leave the windmill in its natural place. The museum intended to rebuild the entire homestead, and thus, a wooden manor from the 19th century, translocated from Usza Mała was erected next to the windmill in order to become the miller’s house. Moreover, a cellar was reconstructed there, according to the designs characteristic of the region.

The windmill is an exceptional technical monument. It is open to visitors, and its interior demonstrates all the mechanisms, which serve as a proof of exceptional skills of the 19th century carpenters. It is equipped with a pair of grinding stones and sieves, through which the ground flour was sifted in order to clean it.

In the thatched house, the visitors can see kitchen and bedroom equipment from the 1950s. One of the rooms holds an exposition devoted to Professor Kazimierz Drewnowski (engineer and rector of the Warsaw University of Technology, connected with the area). On the walls, black and white photographs depicting work in the field and the homestead are displayed, which only adds to the atmosphere of the place.

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