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”Kurpiowskie Granie” – a regional competition held in the Kurpie region for folk accordionists and violinists

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Musical October in the Kurpie region

Oberek, trampolka, fafur, stara baba, olender, żuraw, okrąglak, powolniak and konik – artists perform two pieces of Kurpie folklore, one of which they choose and the other one is …drawn by them, with their skills being evaluated by a professional jury of ethnologists, regionalists and ethnographers. The aim of “Kurpiowskie Granie” (Regional Competition for Folk Accordionists and Violinists) is not only to attract the most appreciated Kurpie musicians, but also create an opportunity for the less known ones. Now the biggest number of participants play the accordion, a slightly less numerous group is formed by violinists, and harmonica players are fewest in number. However, each group becomes bigger every year and musicians play on an increasingly better level. This exceptional cultural event creates an opportunity to perform for various generations. The competition is held in a number of age categories: under 25, between 25 and 55 and over 55. There is a separate category of debutants in each field: pedal accordion, violin and harmonica. In 1997, the total number of performing musicians was 20; in the successive years, the number of participants gradually increased, exceeding 50 at the most recent event. The competition is a permanent part of the autumn calendar of cultural events in Lelis and usually takes place in October. It is accompanied by folk art fairs, during which Kurpie artists present their skills, including sculptures, flower motifs, clippings, laces and embroideries. In the afternoon, there is an opportunity to dance to genuine Kurpie music during a folk party.

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