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Sójka mazowiecka

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„Bird’s” delicacy

The name of the delicacy is rather misleading. It is not related to a bird but to a large pieróg (dumpling) with delicious rich filling. Sójka mazowiecka is a dainty from the eastern part of Mazowsze and although the origin of its name is nt conclusively confirmed, yet it has been put on a list of traditional products of the Mazowieckie voivodeship under this very name. Several dozen years ago it was baked along with bread, so more or less every fortnight. I most probably served as a tasty change from everyday monotonous menu of the region inhabitants.

The very dish has tempting aroma and attractive appearance. At the same time it is very simple and cheap in prepartion, though timeconsuming. It is made of thin yeast dough, kneaded from flour, oil, yeast and salt with filling made of: sauercraut, millet groats, cracklings, sometimes mushrooms mixed in proper proportions. Hand-kneaded dough should be soft and risen, and the sauerkaut must necessarily be home-made. Pieces of dough torn off are formed into balls and rolled flat into very thin patches. Then they are filled with stuffing and folder into huge dumplings (pierogi). Sójki prepared in this way are best covered with a stirred egg. This way an additional „visual effect” of a shiny surface is added. Pierogi are then put into an oven for about 1.5 hours, and then eaten with appetite. They taste best when still hot.

In order to explore the intricacies of the preparation of this „Bird” delicacy we visited Ms Anna Kotuniak’s place – the most famous manufacturer of sójki and the winner of the „Perła” National Award, called „culinary Oscar”. Ms Ania has been taking part in numerous regional events, during which she has prepared and demonstrated the process of making sójki. Apart from that she has been the President of the Farmers’ Wives’ Association for 50 years in the Podciernie village. Due to the local community activity the village has been named „Culinary village”.

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