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Warsaw Bread Museum

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Museum like no other

The aim of creating this museum was one – to preserve craft heritage and mementos in the time of rapid technological progress. It was the dream of Mr Marian Pozorek, the owner of the private Warsaw Bread Museum open in 2000. He managed to create a unique place, which stopped history and revives it every day.

Everything connected with baking and confectionery shall be fund here in its proper place. Mr Marian with his wife, Grażyna are constantly „hunting” for various objects in action portals and at car boot sales. Some are acquired from other bakers from all over Poland. The Museum displays the old baking machinery park, tools and accessories once used in baking, as well as documents and guild banners, photographs of bakers, trade books and magazines, paitings and sculptures devoted to baking bread, and, among other, also those made of cement by the owner himself. There are also vessels – kneading troughs in which the dough was mixed, machines for forming buns, old flour sacks, loaf and gingerbread tins, images of St. Clemens (św. Klemens) – patron saint of bakers. Warsaw Bread Museum is a compendium of knowledge and artefacts from the old baking trade and the baker profession.

According to Mr Marian, the place offers a lesson in patriotism, cherishing tradition, saving mementos from destruction and oblivion and protection of heritage.

The Museum welcomes both individiual and group visitors free of charge. The visitors are obligatorily accompanied by the guide in the person of Mr Marian, whose knowledge of baking comes from 50 years of experience. He has also been the owner of the bakery (since1984 roku), located in the same place as the Museum.

It is worthwile going to Warsaw Praga, to Szmulowizna and meet the passion of collecting and the energy of sharing it with others, give in to time travel and get to know baking inside out. And finally buy some bread baked without improvers, according to the recipe which has not been altered for the last fifty years. Groups of children (nursery school, school, organisations) are offered a privilage of baking their own buns under a proper supervision of the owner, while listenieng to the strory „From a Grain to a Loaf”Many expressions of gratitude decorating the walls of the museum prove the satisfaction of the visitors – extremely important tokens of memory for Mr Marian. He still wants to make this unusual place more and more attractive. He is going to open a cafe and baking workshops.

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Warszawskie Muzeum Chleba
ul. Jadowska 2, 03-761 Warszawa
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(22) 818 16 26
Dodatkowe informacje

Visiting the Museum is free of charge. Please contact the owners by phone prior to your visit. Possibility to organise classes for school or nursery school children.

Bakery with a wide selection of traditional bread, baked without improvers, open Monday through Saturday 5.00 a.m.– 12.00 noon.

Accessibility for people with disabilities: no obstacles – access staright from the pavenment.