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Zofia Gadomska

Trwa ładowanie zdjęć

Lace-like sensitivity

From her outstanding works, made with utmost meticulousness, emanates the desire to leave a part of herself in them. All her products are very carefully made, as poised as herself; you can feel they were made by an expert. A personal meeting with Mrs. Zofia Gadomska proves a great, obvious passion for what she does, and an unusual sensitivity, which extends beyond the aesthetics. She is a recognized lace maker and embroideress who continues to use the skills passed on to her by her mother. She embroiders Kurpie shirts, rugs and crochets all kinds of napkins or lace insertions in Kurpie aprons. Zofia Gadomska was born and raised in Kadzidło.

Currently, she works with Bożena Bochomulska, a skilled folk costume maker, whom she talked out of emigration, thus enriching the personal database of Kurpie artists. After Mrs. Bochomulska has finished an outfit, Mrs. Gadomska adorns it with embroidery, decorates with lace and puts the finishing touches on the traditional garments.

Zofia Gadomska’s second passion is folk music. It was born thanks to her father, a folk musician Józef Chrostek, whom she accompanied at village dances. These experiences have brought about a many years long membership in the Kurpianka – Cepelia ensemble. She was able to efficiently combine her occupation in the administration of the Folk and Artistic Handicraft Cooperative Kurpianka with her activity in the ensemble, becoming one of the best dancers and soloists. In the past, she performed on many stages, both at home and abroad, participated in folk competitions, reviews and festivals.

For her work, she received numerous awards and distinctions, including the Badge of Merit for Cepelia and the Order of Merit in the Service of Culture, as well as the Pro Masovia Medal. She was also awarded a diploma of merit for promoting folk culture and the special prize of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in recognition of her contribution to Polish culture. She takes part in subsequent editions of the Disappearing Occupations project in Zagroda Kurpiowska, and also participates in school events dedicated to the Kurpie folklore.

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