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Music and dance

The area of Mazowieckie voivodeship covers several regions of significant cultural diversity. The Masovia region itself is a historical land located in the middle course of the Vistula River and the basin of its tributaries in the central and north-eastern Poland. As a result of political transformations and the resulting administrative changes, the Mazowieckie voivodeship was enlarged by inclusion of the Podlaskie region in the east, the Land of Sandomierz forming a part of the Lesser Poland and the Land of Radom. Consequently, we are faced with various musical traditions considered to be richness of this regional culture.

Muzyka i taniec


Despite differences, there are a few strong, common features. The main of them include memory transmission, intergenerational nature of transmission, multitude of variants (different renditions of the same topic), anonymity, connection with a place, connection with a ceremonial, community-type of relations, communicativeness within a given group and usability. In its substance, it is a quite traditional conception of traditional music.


Although the intergenerational transmission, which used to be a common family practice once, is exceptionally rare today, there is a grass roots movement among “people from the city”, who come to the countryside to learn melodies, rhythms and folk phrases from unusual instructors through playing and singing together.


Folk music has its folk art dimension too. It is reflected by the activities of song and dance ensembles, in which learning steps, melodies and words has a more formal character.


In the Masovian Trail of Traditions we endeavoured to distinguish the most interesting ensembles, bands and soloists of the most diverse repertoire. Our base will be systematically enlarged with new positions, recordings and descriptions. We invite you on a music journey around the Masovia region!