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Stanisława Suchecka

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Kurpie resourcefulness and hard work

The Kurpie costumes made by her have very good reputation developed over the years.. this is why a lot of regional folk groups order from her. She also saws for individual customers, e.g. folk outfits for the First Holy Communion or Confirmation, which are recently back in fashion. Her products are meticulously finished and that’s why they are widely recognised.

Stanisława Suchecka from Jeglijowiec near Kadzidło started with crocheting in her family home, under the eye of her mother and grandmother. When she was in a fourth grade of primary school, she was hemming the handkerchiefs with the crochet in order to practice. She also very early started sewing on the machine that was in the house. „But you have to be gifted, then you will achieve something” – summarises Stanisława.

She works precisely, intently, paying attention to the smallest details.

she widowed very early and she had to take her of her children. Thanks to her resourcefulness she has been going through life with her head held high. She had an episode of working in the USA. On return, she started working widely on the regional creations – for both, profit and passion. Like many other local artists, she worked with the Cooperative of Folk and Art Craft [Spółdzielnią Rękodzieła Ludowego i Artystycznego] “Kurpianka” in Kadzidło. She used to work in the field during the day, and prepare the doll costumes for „Kurpianka” in the evenings and at nights. She was also familiar with weaving on the loom. She was making rugs, scarves, straw mats, runners, bedspreads and table cloths. To this date Stanisława has preserved some of her own hand woven carpets, which are no longer selling due to different aesthetic standards.

Sewing, crocheting and embroidery, being necessary in order to be able to independently create various pieces of clothing, are her main specialisms. She sews complete Kurpie outfits (also the Holy Communion ones), the Kurpie czółka worn by unmarried women; she embroiders the shirts and crochets the apron inserts herself, she also dresses the dolls in a regional costumes, creating either pairs or single pieces. She also makes other creations like table cloths or baubles.

even though she has turned 70, she is still very active. She admits, that she ‘loves doing it so much’ that even though she’s retired and perhaps wouldn’t have to do it anymore; she still works and creates because she keeps receiving orders. She willingly shares her knowledge and transfers it to others. She trains other artists as well as children from schools in Kadzidło and at the Kurpie Culture Museum in Ostrołęka [Muzeum Kultury Kurpiowskiej w Ostrołęce]. She presents her work at various fairs, ethnographic workshops and folk events.

She receives awards and distinctions for her work. She has received an honorary badge ‘Merit for Polish Culture’ [Zasłużony dla Kultury Polskiej], ‘Merit for Cepelia’ Medal [Zasłużony dla Cepelii], she took part in the IV European Folk Art. Competition ‘Z nitki i gliny’ – her work was shown at the post-competition exhibition and was published in the post-competition magazine.

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