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Antoni and Adam Wyrwińscy Wedding Band Festival in Pawłów

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Antoni and Adam Wyrwińscy Wedding Band Festival in Pawłów was initiated in 2006 as a competition where the folk bands from the Radom region would compete. It quickly turned into a cyclical event promoting the folk culture and folklore. It is considered to be one of the most important and most prestigious meeting point for the folk musicians in the Radom region. This festival is an unique annual gathering of several traditional Radom regional music bands and hundreds of musicians, singers and dancers.

Antoni and Adam Wyrwińscy Wedding Band Festival has a form of a competition for folk bands and musicians playing traditional instruments such as violin, accordion and a drum. The participants come mostly from the Radom region and include both, well known as well as newly created bands, including the winners of the most important national festivals. The event in Pawłów is a combination of an excellent fun outdoors with an annual confrontation of the artistic levels within the folk environment.

The festival is conducted in line with strict rules and regulations. The bands usually present two or three songs fulfilling compulsory and overriding evaluation criteria such as authenticity of the performed songs of folk musical culture. The jury usually consists of regionalists, ethnographers and musicians.

For the Organiser, the Municipal Cultural Centre in Chlewiska, the main objective of the festival is popularisation of folk music, protection and documentation of the authentic music-making in the Radom region as well as commemoration of the patrons, the outstanding traditional music performers, Antoni and Adam Wyrwińscy.

Every festival ends with a great feast and playing music together, combined with a compulsory dance party for all participants.

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