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Kurpie Farmstead in Kadzidło, Branch of the Museum of Kurpie Culture in Ostrołęka

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Kurpie Region in One Farmstead

Corners of houses were joined in a manner called “fishtail” (“rybi ogon”); buildings were decorated with such elements as “śparóg” and “koruna” and covered with thatched roofs. This is how people built houses in the Kurpie region in the past. Houses were called chambers. Examples of such art of construction can be admired in the Kurpie Farmstead in Kadzidło. A visit in this place offers cultural and natural experiences. The farmstead has a charming location, in the middle of a pine forest, and it excellently fulfils the idea of cultural tourism.

The Kurpie Farmstead in Kadzidło makes up a small complex that presents typical Kurpie architecture, including houses, utility buildings and landscape architecture from this area. The place is worth visiting on account of faithful rendition of former Kurpie farmsteads from the immediate vicinity. The so-called “lonesome types” of houses are presented here, deriving from several Kurpie hamlets.

The buildings in the Farmstead show us that the former cottages were built with the use of horst and graben structure made of pine logs joined in corners in a manner called “fishtails.” The houses were covered with thatched gable roofs with characteristic decorations in the form of elongated, crossed cornices and horns profiled in various shapes, the so-called “śparóg.” Roof ridges from the side of the street were decorated with timberwork. Cottages were also decorated by window heads, locally known as “koruna.”

The Kurpie Farmstead presents the beauty of folk architecture and interior decoration of houses. The cottage from Golanka, which is a model interior of a 19th century Kurpie chamber, has a concentric heating system, typical modest furnishing and a holy corner, adorned with blotting paper flowers and typical Kurpie decorations in the form of cut-outs made by local artists.

Kurpie farmsteads are usually accompanied by cranes which are still present in the landscape of Kurpie villages (often modernised). Visitors can also see a utility building for grain storage and many other accessories – a granary (i.e. “świronek”) from 1921 with beautiful arcades supported on columns. The Farmstead also features a blacksmith’s workshop from 1928 with typical equipment.

Even though the scale of the museum is small, yet walking across the well-maintained Kurpie Farmstead we can feel the atmosphere of an old village – with a wayside shrine and pots propped up on a fence.

Visitors can also admire large-scale free-standing sculptures of Kurpie artists: an Elk, a Bear and Brother Zenon Żebrowski from Myszyniec, sculpted by Krzysztof Zyśk.

In the Farmstead, there is also a stage used during local events such as the Kurpie Wedding or the Kadzidło Sunday. Folk ensembles perform here; alternatively, the stage is used for stalls of local artisans who exhibit their work during fairs. An annual event called “Disappearing Professions” is organised here too.

The Farmstead was established upon the initiative of Stanisława and Tadeusz Konopka and was opened for visitors in 1991.

Educational offer:

The Museum employs Kurpie artisans (e.g. Ms. Wiesława Bogdańska), which makes the educational offer of the facility very attractive and authentic, as it offers the possibility of drawing inspiration from handicraft masters. Visitors can participate in the following workshops: cut-outs, ceremonial bread baking, flowers, Easter eggs, Easter palms and Christmas decorations. In the course of the workshops, the participants become acquainted with the history of a given area of handicraft and create their own works under the supervision of local artists.

One of the cottages is adapted to serve as a workshop venue, whereas the cottage from Tatary by the entrance to the Farmstead functions as the museum office.

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