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Stanisław Bacławski

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The artist among fields and forests

Stanisław Bacławski has developed his interest in sculpting only at a certain stage of his life, being already a mature man when, from an inner need, a desire to engage in art has sprouted. With time, he passed his great passion to his children and.. wife and now, as in a real marriage, they treat their work as one.

He lives in Czarnia in an idyllic place among meadows, fields and the woods, in a house away from others. The artist seems to be a character permanently inscribed in this windy, but extremely captivating place. On the way to his house there is an Anielski Zakątek, a B&B where we can see a sizeable sculpture of a Kurpie couple authored by him. This is a foretaste of what you’re about to experience while associating with the artist in his creative thresholds. The last part of the road to his house is on an ordinary gravel road which takes you to his property. The estate is surrounded by the venerable apple trees. Here, in a separate wooden building, Stanisław Bacławski has his studio.

Where did the need to create come from? Certainly not only from the winter boredom, although Stanisław admits that there isn’t much to do in the country in wintertime, so one is always looking for some extra activities. In his case it was sculpting. He also used to know now late artist, who was giving his works to Cepelia. His example made him think about sculpting because… he also wanted to do something that would allow him to stand out. At the later stage, as many creators in Kurpie, he was inspired by the renowned sculptor, described by him as a master – Józef Bacławski. A separate style came out of this observation. In his creative family both, his wife and his ten year old daughter eagerly take a chisel into their hands, not to mention the two older sons who are also able to Sculpt and draw.

Stanisław’s work represents the Holy Family, the Last Supper, the Christ Crucified, rural characters, Kurpie couples, amongst others. The Sorrowful Christ also appears in his work, there are also saints: St John Nepomucene, faced near water, but also St. Florian – the patron of firefighters, St Rita and St Francis. Although animals are not his favourite topic, the elements of the Kurpie fauna also can be found, particularly the motive of an owl. He sculpts ‘live’ from the top of his head and, as he admits, it is a very absorbing job. One of the last orders he received was the sculptures in a form of a shrine for particular villages in Kadzidło area which he is creating in line with the local community expectations. Stanisław Bacławski actively participates in all exhibitions and folk events organised by the cultural centres in the region. He was awarded the Marshal of Mazowieckie Voivodship’s ‘Pro Masovia’ as well as the ‘Merit for Polish Culture’ (Zasłużony dla Kultury Polskiej) badge of honour given by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. He is being invited to the sculpting workshops in Urle and Chlewiska.

He is a member of the Association of Folk Artists [Stowarzyszenie Twórców Ludowych].

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Czarnia, 07-420 Kadzidło
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