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Zygmunt Żak

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In some trees, Zygmunt Żak sees the future sculpture immediately. It is enough to walk past it and he immediately notices a bird, an angel, a Blessed Virgin Mary in its shape… Making such sculpture takes approx. 3 – 4 hours. However, it is necessary to procure the wood first and to prepare it: it has to lie aside for around a year and a half. Later, Zygmunt Żak cuts it, removes the bark and uses the material prepared in this manner to sculpt a specific motive with a chisel or a small saw. Painting comes last. The artist set up his workshop in a corridor that connects several flats: in reality, this is just a sculpting corner. He keeps the tools, chisels and files in a small wardrobe. He travels to the country to get the wood.

Zygmunt’s adventure with sculpture started in childhood. He lived with his parents in Glinice in Radom. His father was dealing with wood processing – he was a carpenter by profession; little Zygmunt, together with his friends, used their pocket knives to make swords, guns and decorated bows from wooden sticks. Zygmunt made his first “serious” work when he was in the army: it was a sculpture of a Roman legionary. The artist has kept this work to date.

He is known as “one-man orchestra”: apart from sculpture, he also plays guitar, harmonica and sleigh bells. During festivals, he uses all his talents, combining music with sale of sculptures. He is also often awarded with prizes during various competitions.

The works of Zygmunt Żak can be seen in the gallery of the Association of Folk Artists in Lublin, during exhibitions organised by the Museum of the Radom Countryside in Radom and also at various fairs and in galleries in Kraków and Warsaw.

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