Przejdź do treści Wyszukiwarka


Over the whole year, interesting events related to regional traditions are held in different places of the Masovia region, often in the rhythm of the seasons, holidays and farm works. A lot is happening and some of the projects are highly recommendable.


It is worth visiting, e.g. the Kurpie region to see a remarkably colourful parade of Easter palms blessed on Palm Sunday or taste honey delicacies during Honey Harvest in Wykrot. Harvest time ends with a harvest festival, such as Kadzidło Sunday or the Potato Festival held in the Museum of the Radom Countryside. The Kurpie artists are these people who want to protect old skills and who organize workshops “Disappearing Jobs” in Kadzidło every year. One cannot forget about ritual shows, such as e.g. Kusaki in Jedlińsko – the Shrovetide custom, called also “Decapitation of the Death”.


The another category are music events usually held in the form of contests and festivals. These include “Advent Playing” in Siedlce, keeping up the custom of trumping the Advent, or the Antoni and Adam Wyrwiński Wedding Music Band Review in Pawłowo, which is a meeting of musicians from the Radom region. The Masovian (and not only) music tradition can also be found in Warsaw. There is no other such event as the “All the World’s Mazurkas” festival, which is a real feast for followers of real countryside music.


The presented events are cyclical. According to the calendar, new events that are worth being recommended will be added. We will travel to places which we have not yet had the chance to visit, take photos of and write about. We wish all those enticed by the charm of Masovian traditions a lot of fun!