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Each region, subregion, village and even a family have their own traditional and favourite dishes made according to proven recipes. Some of them are based on ancestral secrets passed on from generation to generation - one can recognize their taste, however, a recipe will not be disclosed.



Lately, people have returned to local traditions and the sense of community has become important. The awareness of what we are eating has raised, there are programs promoting healthy food, while produce grown from local varieties and from organic farms and crops are desirable. This trend is deep-rooted in longing for tastes of childhood at the time when highly-processed food with easy access and repeatable tastes has surrounded us in excess.


Culinary products are connected with a type of prevailing economy in a given area, wealth, culture and taste liking. They include, e.g. the Kurpie psiwo kozicowe (light beer brewed in Masovia), fafernuchy (small pastries with honey, carrot and spices) or rejbak (popular sourdough bread), sójka mazowiecka (baked dumplings stuffed with millet groats and sauerkraut), czarna kiszka from the Podlasie region (pork thin intestines stuffed with buckwheat groats) or korowaj weselny (yeast pastry prepared for wedding). Among producers, there are: beekeepers from the Kurpie region and the Bug River, Grójec fruit farmers, organic farms owners from different parts of the voivodeship, farmers, cattle and pig breeders. We ourselves often produce traditional food, basing on our own and proven products and using family or local recipes.


Regional products are registered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. So far, the Ministry’s list has included 87 products from the Mazowieckie voivodeship. We expect the new ones will be placed on list over time. The methods for producing traditional food products might have the chance to be placed on the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.


As the culinary traditions preserved in Masovia are strong, we can still, with joy and belief of their uniqueness, fully enjoy the old tastes.